Britannia Removals
Britannia Removals

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Unit Size Guide

8 sqft = 2ft x 4ft

10sqft = 3.5ft x 3ft

10 sqft container

20sqft = 5ft x 4ft

20sqft container

25sqft = 5ft x 5ft

35sqft = 5ft x 7ft

35sqft container

45sqft = 5ft x 9ft

45sqft container

50sqft = 10ft x 5ft

75 sqft = 10ft x 7.5 ft

100sqft = 14.5ft x 6.75ft

150 sqft = 14.5ft x 10.25ft

190 sq ft = 15ft x 12.5ft

190sqft storage

All sizes approximate, as room dimensions may vary.

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