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International Removals

Moving abroad can be a stressful and busy time, so at Britannia Reeves of Petersfield, we go the extra mile to make the removal as easy as possible. We have been offering international removals for many years and help with moves to China, Canada, Australia and pretty much anywhere else in the world.

International removals with Britannia Reeves

If you are thinking about moving abroad, Britannia Reeves is perfectly positioned to help you wherever you’re moving to. We have international partners all over the world, so we can offer you a complete door-to-door service, removing the pressure somewhat. We’ll sit with you to work out what exactly you need and create a detailed moving plan, so that everything goes off without a hitch. We can send round a packing team who will carefully wrap up and load all of your belongings for you. They’ll put them onto the removal trucks and your items will then be shipped to your international destination. We can then help with the unpacking of everything at your new home if necessary as well.



Moving abroad from Petersfield

We offer an air freight service, if you do need any items urgently, although we send the majority of your items via shipping containers. If you have a lot of belongings, you’ll have your own container, but for smaller loads, we’ll share your consignment with another customer heading to the same place. This cuts down on costs as you don’t have to pay for unused container space. For more information on moving abroad from Hampshire, please get in touch with the team at Britannia Reeves. Send us an email or call us on 01730 406569. Alternatively, you can use the Quick Quote box to get an idea of how much it costs for international removals from Hampshire.

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