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Britannia GBS provides an additional service of secure document destruction. It’s important to have peace of mind that you are reducing your exposure to hazards such as identity theft or access to personal information for yourself and your customers.

confidential shreddingDocuments containing bank details, business documents and personal contact and address details and any sensitive documents that are often still sent and received in paper form. It is vital that once this information exceeds its use that it is disposed of in a secure and effective manner to ensure that your details remain confidential and not at risk of fraudulent use. The shredding of this paperwork is one way to prevent this information falling into the wrong hands.

All of our shredding services are completely confidential. With an expert team, businesses in Newcastle and surrounding areas Northumberland can rely on Britannia GBS to protect all confidential information as outlined in up to date data protection laws.

Britannia Movers has therefore developed a simple easy to use shredding service via it’s network of nationwide locations.

Our simple easy to use 3 step process involves

  1. Fill the destruction sack and seal with a zip tie provided
  2. Put to one side ready for collection on your moving day
  3. Hand over bags to the removal team to allow confidential destruction; with certificate issued as soon as destruction has taken place.


For more information on shredding, please call the team on 01434 372919.

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