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What Makes These 7 European Destinations Home To Thousands of Expats Each Year?

Are you fed up with not being able to find a job with a wage that will enable you and your family to lead a better life abroad? Desperate for a more relaxed way of life in a sunnier climate? Well stop daydreaming about the ‘what ifs’ and start making those dreams a reality! Our guide to 7 of Europes best countries all hold common ground in the fact that they attract thousands of British expats each year looking for a more comfortable way of life. You could be one of those lucky ones relaxing on a beach instead of being stuck in a jam on the way to work or getting soaked in a storm. Read on to find out what is just so special about each of these countries and why choosing to immigrate to any one of them might change your life for the better.


France is a prime location for expats looking for a more serene way of life and a place where spending time with family and friends is valued above all else. Favourable labour laws give adults more time off work which is great for parents who want to spend more time with their children. It is also impossible to talk about this great country without mentioning the vast array of delicious treats on offer. From some of the finest chocolate and sweets, to the famous charcuterie and savoury cheeses, France has something to suit all tastes.

France also has a varied climate with temperatures ranging depending on where in the country you chose to relocate. Temperatures can range from temperate along the north coast to scorching hot along Mediterranean coast in the South.

Did you know: In France it is legal to marry a dead person (Yes, thats right!)

So if the idea of sitting outside a dainty French cafe with a glass of fine red wine in your hand, some delicious cheese on your plate and the sun beating down on you appeals to you, France could be the location for you!





Recently crowned the happiest country in the world, Denmark is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for British ex-pats. Government policies that put the family first and generous holidays are just a couple of the reasons why Denmark always ranks so highly in the happiness charts. Danes put their happiness down to a variety of reasons but one big influencing factor is their outlook on money. Whereas Brits value spending their money on big cars and material things, their is a much bigger emphasis on spending money socialising and seeing friends in Denmark.

For the foodies among you Copenhagen is now considered one of the culinary capitals of the world thanks in no small part to restaurants such as Noma. Noma was voted the best restaurant in the world last year and as a result many other restaurants have come to prominence in the area.

Did you know: Lego was invented in Denmark!



Similarly to Denmark, when you think of moving abroad, Belgium may not be the first location to pop into your mind. However, don’t let your lack of knowledge of this great country stop you from exploring it as a possible destination, it has got lots to offer!

With its central location in Europe, Belgium is a great location for anyone who likes to travel around the continent. High-speed rail links connect Belgium and some of Europe’s best cities meaning you can get to where you want to be in a flash.

The country offers an excellent health care system combined with top class educational facilities, making it one of the best countries in the world for public services. Believe it or not, Belgium is a very popular choice among British expats. So much so that 1 in 10 people in Belgium are in fact British!

Did you know:  Belgium produces around 220,000 tonnes of chocolate every year. That means 22kg of chocolate per person per year. That is the equivalent to the average person eating a 3rd of their body weight in chocolate!



If sunnier climes are top of your checklist for your move abroad, Spain might be the perfect country for you!

Just think, you can kiss goodbye to rainy summer days and freezing winter months with a just a short flight to the sunny shores of Spain. With crystal clear waters, stunning sandy beaches and temperatures that will keep you warm all year round, no wonder Spain is such a popular destination for British ex-pats.

Spanish foods such as Tapas are also a delight, making the most of this countries beautiful natural produce. The varied cuisine from Basque in the North to Catalan on the coast provides something for all tastes. The healthy mediterranean cuisine and slower way of life is sure to strike a chord with most Brits wanting to escape their hectic life in England.

Did you know: Spaniards own more cars than they do cell phones! There is also no tooth fairy in Spain, instead they have a tooth mouse called Ratoncito Perez.



With the strongest economy in Europe and high wages Germany is a very attractive location for many people leaving Britain. From the cultural hub of Berlin to the financial capital of Frankfurt, Germany has several great city locations for people looking for bustling city living.

Germany is home to lots of famous architecture and those with a keen eye for exquisitely crafted buildings will love the beautiful Opera Houses and Cathedrals that dot the country.

Germany offers a vibrant cultural scene with Dusseldorf holding the title of Fashion and Shopping capital. Furthermore, Germany also boosts some of the best schools and hospitals in Europe so you can make sure the whole family is taken care of when you move!

Did you Know: The world’s narrowest street is in Germany, Reutlingen. It is called Spreuerhofstrasse and is 31 cm (one foot) wide at its narrowest point.



Austria has to be considered one of the most beautiful and picturesque countries in Europe. It boasts one of the most stable economies on the continent and was barely affected by the recession in 2008, making it a great location for the business minded amongst you. A low crime rate and great social services such as education and healthcare make moving to this country a very attractive proposition.

Still not convinced? Well how about this, in Austria your employer has to pay you double your monthly salary for 2 months every year. They usually make this June and December to tie in with holidays and to help families out when they need it most.

Did you know: Over 60 per cent of Austria’s electricity is supplied by renewable sources!



You might not be aware of it yet but Switzerland has loads to offer its citizens. From some of the most stunning views in Europe to some of it’s safest cities, Switzerland is a great place to live for the whole family. In fact, in 2013 Switzerland came top of the Quality of Life index, topping the rankings in terms of wealth, health and faith in public institutions.

This scenic country is home to breathtaking views which include the Alps and Lake Zurich but also to some of the most innovative and modern cities, with superb medical facilities including the world renowned University Hospital.

For those who love to shop til they drop, Switzerland is the place to do so being one of the best places in the world to keep up with the latest fashions and trends. If a country renowned for safety, reliability and tranquility appeals to you, then Switzerland might be the answer!

Did you know: A driving tunnel in Switzerland also serves as the worlds largest bomb shelter as there is a law in Switzerland that states that local governments must provide nuclear shelter space for everyone.