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Moving to Italy from London

If you’re moving to Italy from London, Britannia Ryansmove has vast experience in international removals. We’ll help to make your move to Italy simple and successful, with a professional and tailored service personalised to your needs. We can take care of every step of the move, from packing your belonging, to arranging their travel and their arrival in your new home.

We work with trusted partners in Italy to ensure your move to Italy is completely stress-free, keeping your belongings safe and secure as they travel overseas.

Italy Removals

The first step in your move to Italy will be for Britannia Ryansmove to conduct a pre-move survey. This lets us see exactly what will be needed for your move, including the equipment and number of team members required to efficiently move your items. We’ll discuss your timeframe work with you and your moving dates so you can set up your new home in Italy as soon as possible.

We can provide high-quality packing materials for your belongings and also offer a professional packing service, to give you the peace of mind that your precious items will be secure during the journey.

At Britannia Ryansmove, we can also provide long-term storage in our storage facility, to look after any items that you don’t want to take with you to Italy. Our facility has state-of-the-art security with options to store just a few items or a whole property’s worth.

Commercial Moves to Italy

Britannia Ryansmove can help if you’re moving your business to Italy. We have the specialist equipment and knowledge required to transfer a business overseas. We’ll work with you to find a moving schedule that works for you and your business, so you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

We also offer confidential shredding services, so we can destroy any paperwork that you don’t want to move with you to Italy.

Shipping to Italy

Britannia Ryansmove has two different shipping methods to move your items to Italy.

Sea freight

Sea freight is the most common shipping method that we use for Italy removals. It is usually the most cost-effective way of moving your belongings to Italy. It will typically take around two to five days to ship items to Italy via sea, although this time period can be increased due to delays at ports or adverse weather at sea.

Air freight

Air freight is the quickest way of moving items to Italy, but it is usually much more expensive than sea freight. It can be a good option if you are working to a short timeframe and/or only have a few items you want to ship. Shipping your belongings to Italy via air freight can typically take one to three days.

Additional moving services

At Britannia Ryansmove, we offer a variety of additional services to help streamline your move:

  • Storage facilities
  • Full packing service
  • Packing materials
  • Custom crating
  • Export wrapping
  • Express delivery
  • Disposal of unwanted items

Italy Customs and Imports

Britannia Ryansmove will ensure you have an international relocation agent who can help you with all the customs and imports paperwork and requirements for Italy. When moving to Italy, you will be required to provide a detailed inventory list of everything you are moving, including how much it is worth. You will also need specific forms detailing information about you and your family, where you are moving from and where you are moving to.

You can move any one household shipment to Italy duty-free as long as it is for personal use, the items are at least one year old, and have been imported within six months of your arrival in Italy. You can only bring up to €10,000 to Italy in cash.

For more information about our Italy removals services, please contact us on 0208 328 3378 or email, or use the Quick Quote box for an idea of the cost.

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