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Shredding Services London, UK

Britannia Ryansmove provides a range of shredding and document destruction services to the North West London area, allowing businesses to meet necessary data protection laws and protect confidential information.

Shredding is an important way to help protect yourself from fraud and identity theft. The secure destruction of sensitive data helps to keep your private information safe from criminals and prying eyes.

Even though most of our information is now stored in a digital form, most identity theft cases emerge through documents that haven’t been shredded. While it might seem like an unnecessary process at times, it is one of the best ways to keep yourself protected.

How Much Does it Cost to Shred Documents?

  • £10.00 per Bag

The above prices for Britannia Shredding services London are subject to access are subject to VAT charges. For more information please do contact us today

Document Shredding. What Do Britannia Ryansmove Shred?

The following are documents that you may want to consider for shredding:

  • Documents that contain out of date information
  • Files that are now out of date
  • Old employee payslips
  • Old bank receipts, statements and letters
  • Out dated warranties
  • Anything with sensitive information that you no longer need

To help companies keep a track of their paper trail for audits and business records, Britannia Ryansmove are happy to supply Certificates of Destruction.

Paper Shredding London

All of our shredding services in London come with our own bags that are ready to be sealed and recycled. Simply bring in your confidential paper waste into our branch or we can simply collect it from your office in London.

Our shredding prices, as mentioned above, are based on a standard shredding bag, filled to the ‘maximum fill’ line or a medium archive carton.

If you already bagged or boxed your paper waste, we will prorate the volume to our standard size.

Document Shredding London

Under the Data Protection Act 1988, by law, companies are obliged to safely dispose of information regarding both customers and employees. At Britannia Ryansmove we understand the importance of secrecy of confidential information and work hard to ensure that your documents are destroyed in a correct and professional manner.

Confidential Shredding London

All of our shredding services are completely confidential. Whether you are looking to destroy utility bills, bank statements, wage slips or confidential information, Britannia Ryansmove can help. With an expert team, businesses in London can rely on Britannia Ryansmove to protect all confidential information as outlined in up to date data protection laws.


Britannia Ryansmove are proud to inform its customers that it currently recycles 100% of the paper we shred. This process helps to annually plant oak tress through The Woodland Trust.

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