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Moving To France from the UK After Brexit

France has a lot to offer expats. It’s a country rich with culture and history, known for its exceptional cuisine and couture, as well as its vibrant cities and gorgeous countryside and coastlines. Brexit may have changed the process for moving abroad, but it doesn’t have to stop you from moving to France to enjoy […]

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10 Of the Most Affordable Areas to Live and Buy in London

London is notorious for its high property prices, for both buyers and renters. Even so, the prospect of a fulfilling career, high wage, and all of London’s entertainment on your doorstep are understandably attractive to many people, which is why we see so many continue to look for a place to live in the nation’s […]

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Moving To Ireland Guide - Tips, Advice and Useful Information

With the beautiful country that is Ireland being only an hour’s flight from the UK, it’s surprising how many residents have yet to visit its friendly shores. Many of those that do, however, decide that the notable difference in culture and pace of life is so attractive to them, that they want to relocate there […]

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The Cleanest and Greenest Areas of London

There are many reasons for moving to London. There are, of course, the employment opportunities and the higher wages that go with them. Londoners benefit from world-class food with a variety of cuisines and plenty of fantastic markets peppered around the city. We can’t forget the seemingly endless supply of great entertainment, with music, theatre, […]

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Family Friendly Areas To Live In London

Family Friendly Areas To Live In London With high house prices in London, many families are deciding to move out to the home counties. However, for those who are looking to take up their slack and move into or around London, where are the most desirable areas to raise your offspring? Britannia Ryans Removals runs you through some of the best that […]

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The Best Places To Live Near London For Commuters

With average house prices in London the highest in the country, the prospect of buying a property in the capital can seem rather remote for most mere mortals. As salaries tend to be greater there however, many find that it is still necessary to work in the city, so a sensible solution is to commute […]

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What Are The Top 10 Property Turn Offs When Selling Your Home

If you are considering selling your home any time soon, you might want to think about how it will be viewed by potential buyers as there are several things that are property turn-offs and could be the deciding factor in whether someone wants to buy your house. While there are some major factors, such as […]

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Are Brits Selling Up and Leaving Major UK Cities Post Lockdown?

As the UK emerges from a year of lockdowns and establishes a ‘new normal’, the social and economic repercussions are evident. The property industry was one of the sectors heavily impacted by the pandemic and it is only just beginning to recover. Many businesses, including Britannia Movers, have had to transform operations to follow covid […]

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London House Move Checklist

Moving to a new house can be an extremely intimidating process, especially if this is your first move in London. Trying to organise all your belongings to be moved to your new home can be a tiring and confusing process. However, here at Britannia Ryans, we believe moving to a new house is one of […]

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Britannia Movers International - Covid-19 update 2 November 2020

Over the weekend Britannia Movers has been deciphering the Government announcement from Saturday evening and liaising with our trade body the BAR and through them all relevant Government departments. Our clear understanding is that for now Britannia will continue to be able to operate our removal services for our customers. Robert Jenrick the Housing Minister […]

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Britannia Ryans COVID-19 Thank you

Britannia Ryans COVID-19 Thank you We at Britannia Ryans would like to say thank you to our staff who worked throughout the covid-19 lockdown, weekends and bank holidays too, delivering P.P.E to various NHS hospitals around London. These guys volunteered to help, with risk to themselves and their families. They did everything with a smile and nothing was too much […]

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5 Things to Consider Before Moving to London

5 Things to Consider Before Moving to London More and more people are deciding to make the move into London. With the city’s promising job opportunities and unique way of life, the desirability of living in London is at an all time high. Whether you are making your first move into London as a young professional, or you are a ‘seasoned pro’, moving […]

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