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Emerging markets of the future for expats

According to global economic research carried out by international investment company – Goldman Sachs, the latest batch of developing countries that are quickly growing into economic power houses are Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico and Poland.Head of Global Economic Research for Goldman Sachs – Jim O’Neill’s original BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) have all reached their current peaks of economic growth for the time being after slowing down since the financial crisis struck; and investors since have turned to ...Read more

Best cities for expats to move to in 2016

According to consulting firm Mercers’ 18th Annual study of foreign worker’s overseas lifestyles, which assesses the quality of living conditions in over 440 locations around the world, the following cities are the best cities for expats to move to in 2016.Vienna (Austria) Zurich (Switzerland) Auckland (New Zealand) Munich (Germany) Vancouver (Canada) Dusseldorf (Germany) Frankfurt (Germany) Geneva (Switzerland) Copenhagen (Denmark) Sydney (Australia)  Vienna (Austria)Austria has a thriving economy, stable political system, cultural diversity and beautiful countryside, (not forgetting the popular and ...Read more

Top reasons for moving to Panama

If you are looking for an exotic and adventurous place to move to, that also offers one of the lowest costs of living for expats, then moving to Panama is the best decision you could make.Currently around 1000 British expats live there either full or part-time, while American expats account for over 30% of Panama’s immigrant population of about 190,000 people.Why Panama? 1.       Luxury and Modernity Panama is still a developing country, however it has the fastest growing economy in Latin America, with ...Read more

What to expect from moving to Brazil

After the FIFA World Cup was held in Brazil last year and the impending Olympics next year, all eyes are on Brazil and have been for the past couple of years. This developing country has seen a boom in tourism, but also forced people to consider it for a permanent move.With the fast-moving economy, more jobs are becoming available and an increasing number of people are heading off for sunnier climes. A move to Brazil is not to be taken lightly ...Read more

The Health Benefits of Living in a Warm Climate

Moving abroad from the UK can provide plenty of lifestyle benefits but one of the main attractions for many British expats are the health benefits of living in a sunnier and warmer climate. As well as simply being more enjoyable there is increasing evidence that moving to a warmer climate can have a positive impact on your health. Such an effect has been known about since Professor F. Ellis of Yale University found that deaths in the United States were 13% higher ...Read more