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British Retirees Flocking to Southeast Asia

British expats have long been drawn to Southeast Asia due to the promise of sunshine, but now countries in that part of the world are making the move to Asia even more appealing welcoming expats with open arms by making it very easy to acquire long term visas. As a result, British retirees are flocking to these countries in their thousands.Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand are three of the countries that have “rolled out the red carpet” to British expats wanting ... Read more

5 US States For Expats To Think About

At the start of any year many people think about making a new start in another country and the steps they would need to make in order to make that happen. If you are one who has started thinking about moving to the USA, not only will you need to think about the things you are going to take with you but also what state to live in as that can make a huge difference to your move. Will you be ... Read more

Greece: To Move Or Not To Move?

Even with the shadow of political instability and social turbulence caused by the economic crisis Greece enjoys a higher standard of living for middle class people compared to other countries. Although hit with all these problems new opportunities arise for those smart enough to spot them.There are a number of positives and negatives on the prospects of moving to Greece at the moment. This will all be affected by who you are and what it is you are looking for and ... Read more

City Of The Month: Rome

For January’s City of The Month we have chosen the gorgeous Italian capital city of Rome. Known as a hugely romantic city for couples we are sure you don’t need any extra reasons to visit or even to move to Italy, but here are a few from us anyway.One of the most appealing aspects of Rome is its rich history, the city is filled with famous landmarks, the Colosseum and Roman forum are both very popular sites. Those with an interest ... Read more

Cheap Places To Live Now And What To Do Next.

The cost of living in Europe has dropped recently, with countries descending into monetary problems due to debt crises, with Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy chief amongst the countries stealing the headlines for these reasons. Although Italy is not expected to see much of a drop in its prices unless things become severely desperate, if you know the right places to look you can find large drops in the property market, and in some cases for the other countries mark ... Read more