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Spending Your Christmas Abroad

 Here are some of our favourite places for spending those cold European winter months in a sunnier climate. If you’re an expat you will already know the benefits of spending your Christmas or the winter season away from home, but whether you’re interested in a sunny winter holiday or simply thinking of moving abroad and wanting to know what the Christmas there will be like, we’re sure these suggestions will warm you up just thinking about them. Christmas In Spain Madeira is a ... Read more

Have a Weird and Wonderful Christmas in Australia

 Celebrate Christmas a little differently by spending it in Australia, baking in the summer heat that only the Southern hemisphere can offer at this time of year. It is not uncommon for Australians and the expats who live there to celebrate in temperatures well into thirty degrees celsius (near 100 degrees fahrenheit).  In fact the weather is so hot that many Australians go Christmas shopping in shorts and t-shirts with Santa arriving on the beach upon a surfboard. It's no wonder so ... Read more

Spending The Winter In France

 Many people visit France in the summer, thanks to the continental climate of Central France or the mediterranean feel of the South, as well as the allure of its ski slopes and the sight of Paris covered in snow. It's easy to understand why so many expats choose to move abroad to France when you see just what's on offer in France in the winter time. 1. Winter Sports With some of the largest ski slopes in the world France can offer something ... Read more

City of the Month: Prague

There’s no escaping Prague’s reputation among the British as a cheap stag weekend but look beyond that status and you will find a modern city that continues to be at the heart of what Central Europe has to offer. With history, culture and nightlife a major attraction, it’s become a haven for expats. Along with students and tourists, they’ve formed a Western hub within Prague which has made it increasingly attractive for expats looking for a new life and change in ... Read more

Top 5 Things To Do In Madrid

1. Experience Real FlamencoFlamenco is often misunderstood as a joyful form of song and dancing when it is in fact representative of the suffering endured by the Andalucian gypsies, expressed in performance. The best place to find an authentic flamenco is at a tablao (restaurant with a stage) plenty of which can be found in Madrid. Be prepared to stay after midnight when the stars unleash their true passion.2. Doing VermouthFamously known for their love of a good drink on a ... Read more
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