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City of the Month: Prague

There’s no escaping Prague’s reputation among the British as a cheap stag weekend but look beyond that status and you will find a modern city that continues to be at the heart of what Central Europe has to offer. With history, culture and nightlife a major attraction, it’s become a haven for expats. Along with students and tourists, they’ve formed a Western hub within Prague which has made it increasingly attractive for expats looking for a new life and change in ... Read more

Top 5 Things To Do In Madrid

1. Experience Real FlamencoFlamenco is often misunderstood as a joyful form of song and dancing when it is in fact representative of the suffering endured by the Andalucian gypsies, expressed in performance. The best place to find an authentic flamenco is at a tablao (restaurant with a stage) plenty of which can be found in Madrid. Be prepared to stay after midnight when the stars unleash their true passion.2. Doing VermouthFamously known for their love of a good drink on a ... Read more

How Do I Get A New Zealand Visa?

Many people are drawn by New Zealand’s cool weather and rugged landscape, with the famously laid-back and friendly reputation of the local population meaning that many of them want to stay. The great news is that New Zealand is looking for more expats to move into the country with the right skill sets to help the countries continuing growth. This is aided by the availability of different visa’s specific to particular needs of those looking to make the move. Long Term Business ... Read more

New Zealand: take a tour around the shire

Ever wanted to travel to Middle Earth and the world made famous in Lord Of The Rings? If so you’ll be glad to know taking a trip to Hobbiton is now no longer as far-fetched as you’d think. Fascinating two hour guided tours around the most picturesque village on Middle Earth are now available. Located on private farmland near Matamata in the North Island of New Zealand, the set made famous by Peter Jackson’s interpretation of the Lord Of The Rings ... Read more

Top Expat Moving Tips From Expats

Often the best way to get advice is to speak to people who’ve done it before, who can offer that little bit of wisdom that only experiencing something first hand can give you. When it comes to moving abroad this means speaking to people who have already done exactly that, and so for this blog post we have spoken to expats who have spent time in Australia, Spain, South Africa, France, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Italy, Bahrain and the ... Read more