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Marmite and other foods British Expats can’t live without

Many British expats move to Australia or New Zealand dreaming of the perfect laid back lifestyle, with family barbecues, beautiful beaches and palatial homes making it the perfect upgrade from Britain's crowded, rainy streets. While the sharing of language and many cultural similarities mean that expats don't get the culture shock they would get from moving to India or South Korea, it seems it's the difference in food on the supermarket shelves that British expats find hard to deal with.There is ... Read more

Five Million Britons Living Abroad

According to the most recent Natwest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Index, there are almost five million Britons living and working abroad. Australia, Spain, the USA, Canada and South Africa were found to be the top countries for British expats, with over 40 countries out of 196 having a British population of 10,000 or over.Australia, with approximately 1.4 million British expats is the top expat destination, and Spain with 940,000 expats, the USA with 794,000 expats and Canada with 630,000 ... Read more

City of the Month: Berlin

In 2004 Berlin's long-standing mayor Klaus Wowereit ushered the words “Berlin is poor, but sexy”, which seemingly stuck like a mantra to the city. In 2011 he referred again to the quote saying: “We want Berlin to become richer and stay sexy.” Which is exactly what is starting to happen, with the city getting more expensive and an emerging creative sector highlighted by better support for start-up companies. For British expats looking for an overseas destination with potential, a thriving arts ... Read more

Preparing for A Move To Australia

Despite a host of newly emerging popular expat destinations, Australia maintains its position as the top location for expats worldwide, and especially for Britons. The country is home to the largest British expat community around the globe, with 1.4 million Britons living there permanently according to a recent survey from Natwest. Australia is a diverse place, an island continent boasting a beautiful and exotic landscape, hip multicultural cities, great climate, a strong economy and a range of job opportunities. It’s a great ... Read more

City of the Month: Calgary

Calgary is often over-shadowed by Toronto and Vancouver when it comes to expat living in Canada, but this is a thriving city in its own right and an increasingly popular destination for European expats moving abroad to North America. This is mainly thanks to its status as the 5th most liveable city in the world, a booming economy (with the job opportunities that brings) and position on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, making it a great gateway into Canada's natural ... Read more
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