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British Expats Flock to Cayman Islands

The British overseas territory saw an increase in its number of foreign workers from 19,927 at the end of 2011 to a raised 21,000 by December 2012, according to the latest findings. These heightened numbers are most likely due to immigration laws being relaxed during that time, laws which have been expanded to include five and 10 year working permits for those who work in the reinsurance industry. The Cayman Islands Government has also made a move to offer work permits to ... Read more

Cost of Living In South America

For people looking to move abroad, who want some familiarity but also to live in a new environment with new challenges, they should look no further than South America, a continent that offers many options for expats.Is it Cheap in South America?There was a time when South America was very cheap, with many North Americans moving to Buenos Aires especially, but also buying property in Brazil, Peru and Ecuador, where huge value was to be found. This was also the case ... Read more

Canada Makes It Easy For Expats

Canada has introduced a permanent residency scheme from January 2nd, which has the intention of speeding up the entry process for thousands of foreign skilled tradespeople. As Canada’s booming industry is in need of skilled workers the hope is that they will attract many expats who can step right into a position and get to work. The scheme is initially aimed at tradespeople who have at least two years’ experience in a registered trade, such as electricians, welders, pipefitters and those capable ... Read more

British Retirees Flocking to Southeast Asia

British expats have long been drawn to Southeast Asia due to the promise of sunshine, but now countries in that part of the world are making the move to Asia even more appealing welcoming expats with open arms by making it very easy to acquire long term visas. As a result, British retirees are flocking to these countries in their thousands.Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand are three of the countries that have “rolled out the red carpet” to British expats wanting ... Read more

5 US States For Expats To Think About

At the start of any year many people think about making a new start in another country and the steps they would need to make in order to make that happen. If you are one who has started thinking about moving to the USA, not only will you need to think about the things you are going to take with you but also what state to live in as that can make a huge difference to your move. Will you be ... Read more